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On Jan 31st at the BBC Audio Drama awards I won the “Best Sound Designer” award for Fugue State, the drama I made with Julian Simpson and Karen Rose from Sweet Talk Productions. This is what the panel of judges had to say about it…

BBC Audio Drama Award 2016

With exceptional technical skill, this production challenges what every radio listener expects to hear from Radio Drama.
The story moves between multiple layers of sound  – from the alien voices of a  mysterious broadcast to the intimate memories of a fallen intelligence operative – jumping from one reality to another, with impeccable clarity and subtlety. A play that challenges our perceptions of reality and what can be done with sound in radio drama

Recent Projects


A new paranormal drama following in the footsteps of Fugue State by Julian Simpson, starring Nicola Walker.
Incidents of death from heart failure have spiked at seven times the national average in a small village in Essex. Agent Lairre investigates. 

Big Country
A new comedy series for BBC Ulster by Patrick Kielty and Cavebear Productions. JD runs a farm and a country music radio station on the Irish border. He’s more than a little bit dodgy, which causes a few problems around the place.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell hosts the eleventh series of Heresy, the show where panelists take commonly held beliefs and argue against them. How would you argue against “There shouldn’t be horsemeat in lasagne”?

Bunk Bed (series3)
Patrick Marber and Peter Curran ponder the big issues in life such as the overuse of xylophones in whimsical radio programmes and where our culture would be if we had ridden giraffes rather than horses for the last 1,000 years. (warning: May contain xylophones)

Fugue State
When a small English village is found to be deserted and satellite images show just a dark mark in place of the buildings, a special agent is sent in to investigate. He wanders out some time later and collapses into a fugue state. The drama investigates perceptions of time, space & reality. A piece which challenges all my sound design skills…

The Mermaid of Zennor
A modern retelling of a traditional Cornish tale. An unhappy teenage boy moves from London down to Zennor, falls in love with the sea and is taken by a mermaid, never to be seen again. Recorded partly on the seashore in front of raging waves in September 2015.

It’s a Fair Cop
Policeman turned stand-up comedian Alfie Moore asks his audience to make policing decisions based on real-life crime scenarios. You come away very aware that the split second decisions police officers make can have far reaching consequences, and not just for the suspects.

The Rest is History
We all think we know the basics of history. 1066, the gunpowder plot, the list goes on. Frank Skinner & historian-in-residence Kate Williams join celebrity panellists to reveal that we don’t know half as much about history as we think we do.


War and Peace
Tolstoy’s epic, retold in a ten hour spectacular on New Year’s Day on BBC Radio 4. We recorded it entirely on location in country houses, churches and ballrooms around Sussex. We had an all star cast including John Hurt, Simon Russell-Beale, Lesley Manville, Paterson Joseph, Roger Allam, Natasha Little and Stephen Campbell-Moore. It was a mammoth task. We recorded the battle sound effects using 1,000 Napoleonic re-enactors in the Czech village of Austerlitz (now called Slavkov) followed by thirty days of recording and three more months of laying down sound effects and mixing.


Bravo Figaro – Mark Thomas
Mark’s award winning show about his father’s love of opera and how he came to have singers from the Royal Opera House playing in his parents’  small suburban bungalow on the south coast. Recorded over two nights in the Royal Opera House. Radio 4 comedy of the week April 2015


The Casebook of Max & Ivan
Driven by their love of truth, justice (and the need to pay off their terrifying landlord, Malcolm McMichaelmas), they take on crimes that no-one else would consider. In this case, they investigate a ghostly apparition that might save a condemned bookshop.


Lemn Sissay’s Homecoming
In February 2015 I travelled with Lemn to Addis Ababa making a programme looking into the concept of Home. Is it a location, is it our family, or is it where we were born? We travelled around the capital doing interviews and on the last night hosted a sell out live recording in the African Jazz Village in downtown Addis.


The Human Zoo
In the run up to the 2015 General Election we hosted a series of recorded experiments at Warwick Business School to see how politicians trick us into agreeing with their views. We show that it’s surprisingly easy to get members of the public to argue against their own strongly held beliefs.


Bunk Bed
Peter Curran & Patrick Marber inhabit the world between sleeping and waking, letting their minds wander over subjects like the writing process, violence in cartoons, whatever happened to Babycham, then asking questions like “why are newsagents always on the phone?”
It was strange, funny, silly, enchanting, beautifully put together. Perfect late-night listening.
Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian


Here Be Dragons
Last year’s series won a Bronze Radio Academy Award. The second series brings back the dysfunctional characters from the fictional Welsh village of Ponticwai, we open up the diary of a magpie and meet the ancient wizard who lives in your local public toilets.


Gull Therapy
Radio 4 Afternoon Drama by Anita Sullivan. Dan has aphasia after a stroke and seeks help from a Alice, a speech therapist. She works from a rooftop apartment and cannot ignore the noisy neighbours, some of which have beady eyes and feathers.